Advisory for Students


• Be punctual on all occasions.
• Be immaculate in your dress and turnout.
• Pay proper respect and compliments to Officers, Staff, families and all elders.
• Respect each other’s individuality and live like brothers.
• Converse in English always.
• Aim for originality in thought.
• Be polite in your speech and deportment.
• Take care of your personal belongings.
• Use only refined language while conversing.
• Make reading your daily habit.
• Pay utmost care and attention to your health and personal hygiene.
• Respect each other’s individuality and live like brothers.
• Treat your juniors with empathy. Guide them with love and affection like elder brothers.
• Look after your buddy as a friend.
• Always keep your class room, living area and surroundings neat and clean.
• Observe Mess Etiquette and conduct yourself with decorum and dignity at all times.
• Respect your seniors and be courteous to them.
• Take care of your habitat and environment.


• Do not indulge in any activity which will bring discredit to your school, yourself or your family.
• Do not indulge in loose talk/rumour or discuss matters, which are detrimental to the institution, staff and cadets.
• Do not cheat, tell lies or steal.
• Do not litter the campus.
• Do not visit ‘Out of Bound’ areas.
• Do not borrow or lend money or any valuables/equipments.
• Do not leave the campus without permission/out pass.
• Do not bully, harass or manhandle other cadets.
• Do not miss classes, school activities and organized functions without a valid reason.
• Do not disobey the orders/directions/instructions issued by the Staff/Appointments. All orders emanate from the Principal.
• Do not waste food, water and electricity.

Advisory for Parents

• Parents are welcome to visit their sons only on Sunday from 0900h to 1430h. Please do not enter the campus to meet your children on other days. In case of an emergency requirement please contact the Vice Principal first
• Out pass is sanctioned only on medical grounds on the recommendations of the School Medical Officer. No other form of out pass is permitted.
• All dormitories have incoming telephone facilities. Do inform the school authorities in case your son has any problems in the school or hostel. Encourage them to write letters also.
• Please do not hand over money or send money orders to your children. They are not permitted to keep any money . They should deposit money in pocket money account.
• Security Guards at the entrance gates of the school have been briefed to ascertain the bonafides of all people entering and leaving the school. Please co-operate with the security personnel in this regard. Remember, that this is being done to ensure the safety of your children inside the school campus.No one has been exempted from this.

• The school campus is a litter free and polythene free zone. Wrappers and polythene bags brought by the parents will be taken out by them and not littered around the campus.
• Parents are also requested not to smoke, drink or chew paan inside the school campus.
• Parents are requested to pay the fees as per the schedule.
Parents are not permitted to enter into Hostel dormitories .
• Security Guards patrolling the campus have been briefed to ensure and enforce the regulations cited above. In case of any problems please contact theVice Principal.

• Cadets are not permitted to keep mobile phones or any other electronic items. Parents are advised to refrain from giving such items to their wards.